Gazing through the horoscope’s lens

These days, a group of planets, visible and invisible, beam in the heavens. 

This event is rather a bit exceptional because these six planets in Aquarius has not

taken place since February 1962. 

To be more precise, this group appears like a planetary family on February 11th,

2021, the date of the New Moon in Aquarius.  A big family is a stellium, as astrologers

call it : Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the luminaries of the Sun and the Moon. 

Each member of this chain of planets displays proudly its own characteristics – loving,

restrictive, permissive, for example.  

This planetary family makes me think of our earthly families. 

How do we get along within a family or a group or an association with each other?

Upon on our planet we are all facing changes during these months.  Each person of the

family strives to show his/her strength, just as the planetary family does. 

The Sun and the Moon lead the way as our parents in as our earthly families

or CEOs and presidents of associations. We are learning to shine our own light and

show our own gifts and capabilities. 

As Lin-Manuel Miranda tells us:

“Peep the pep in your step
And the glide in your stride.
You’re a knockout, my friend!”

Bonne lunaison!


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This is the time for a prayer for peace.

This is the time for a prayer for peace.

Today we are addressing our concerns to the Celestial Watchman.

From this astrologer’s viewpoint, one can see a hide-and-seek game among the planets during this period.  Mercury is shuffling his feet to get ready to go retrograde, Jupiter sends dirty looks toward Mars and Pluto is brooding and refuses to move forward.  

As you can see, there is great activity among the planets
and they share their energy with us.

This is the time for a prayer for peace.

Take a tip from Taurus and all of his friends: 
Take a breath and calm down,
Put your arm around your lovey,
Have a chat with Mercury and
Keep the bad thoughts out of your mind.

This is the time for a prayer for peace.

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
Where there is hatred, let me sow charity;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is error, truth;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
and Where there is sadness, joy.                                    
Saint Francis of Assisi  

This is the time for a prayer for peace.

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Pluto, Jupiter and You

Looking at the natal chart of the U.S.A.,the other day,  Pluto popped up and got my attention.   The sign of Capricorn and the placement of the second part in the zodiac wheel stood out to me. It was – Pluto/Saturn; Pluto/Jupiter; Pluto/Neptune; Pluto retrograde.  Pluto was everywhere!!

So, I’m sharing a short, amusing dialogue between Pluto and Jupiter – here we go:  

Jupiter:  Hi there, Pluto!  As you see I’ m just standing next to you and we have a little time to talk to get to know each other better before we both move on. 

Pluto:  Sure, go ahead.  I’ m listening.  You know that I’ve been in this sign of Capricorn since 2008 and so I’ve gotten to know a few other planets too.

Jupiter:  Oh, I see.  I’d like to tell you what’s going on down on the planet Earth.  The population is suffering and Covid 19 is creating a real crisis.  People are having a tough time having to wear masks, they are offending each other and even killing each other.  The periods of confinement have not yet come to an end.  It’s awful…

Pluton:  Let’s both look at what’s going on.  This seems to be a true collective test for the earthlings.  This virus is putting a stop sign in front of them all so that everybody becomes conscious of what is going on.  From up here, it looks like the beginning of a period of destruction and deconstruction of the old order.

Jupiter:  I think you’re right.  A new order is going to emerge, but right now it’s still rather invisible and fluttery.  You know, I‘d like to make some suggestions for crucial themes of reforms during this period like:
Politics, Finances, Race Relations and Religion among others. 

Pluto:  I agree.  The advice to the earthlings to be successful is to concentrate on making these transformations. 

Jupiter:  The future is promising and on top of it, today is the day of the Solar Eclipse.  So we are going to turn off the lights for the earthlings  for today so that the population can pay attention to this event.  May the reforms they implement render the life down there more pleasant and better balanced. 

Pluto:  Well said.  We’ll see each other again towards at the end of the year – be well and have a good trip.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Let’s all take this message to heart and start making changes at home and your community.



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Today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Greetings dear friends,

Take a breath and let’s focus on today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018.

What does this mean for us?
What kind of cumulative energies are being sent to us by the New Moon and Solar Eclipse?  Well partly, these energies are rather unbalanced.  During the past months some us may not have been functioning at our best.
Our actions and thoughts are hardly at their maximum.

Let’s take, for example, our relationships. 
Yang (Masculine) and Yin (feminine) have been on the teeter-totter, going up and down, aggressive and soothing, head-to-heel and well thought out.  No more.  The energies from Above- that’s our job to take them in.  With today’s energies accompanied by the New Moon, we’ll teeter to slow down our tempers and totter to control our excessive speed of speech.
These days Venus gives Saturn a kick
and reminds him that our sensitivity exists with a capital S.  
And he, Saturn, not caring, jostles our feelings and emotions.

To conclude – Neptune waves in a friendly way to Jupiter and carries a banner marked by the word “Compassion”. This word can take on a meaning of being more aware of our feelings.

Like when we see that our neighbor needs a hand to start his car
or my daughter gives me a hand to cook dinner when I’m weary.
With these day-to-day examples, we can now extend our feelings to national and global issues.

I leave you with this note of encouragement until the next New Moon.
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Ready, Aim, Go!


Greetings to all of you,

It’s been a while but my “calling” won’t relent and here I am passing on the news of the celestial spheres….

The mood of the Full Moon in Sagittarius is a double one – on one side, rather tender and emotional and the other side earthy and concrete.

Let’s look at the planets.
A few days before this Full Moon showed up in our evening skies, seven out of ten planets sent out feelings of yin, tenderness and even sadness.  We are all linked and bonded to one another and our arms go out to those who need our help and assistance.

Then as the days go by, the atmosphere begins to change.

Slow, steady and strong the energy of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto is stepping up and will begin sending out their energy to us.  They’ll stay with us for a while and so it’s worthwhile to take a closer look at our values and to know what is worth keeping or discarding.

So, these days following this Full Moon
let’s pour our energies into our important projects and begin to accomplish what we’ve only dreamed about in the past.

Enjoy this powerful Full Moon,
Barbel Besseyre

(919) 929-3046

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Mars and the Election


Greetings to all from Little Creek,

Now that the elections are behind us and we have digested the results a bit, allow me to add an astrological note.

The planet that probably contributed greatly to the surprise of the results of the outcome was Mars. Mars, as you all know, is the god of war and combat, courage and audacity, frankness and passion.

During the entire election day Mars was stationed at 29 degrees Capricorn, and was ready to enter the following the sign of Aquarius. He did so around midnight , which was about the time when the president-elect made his victory speech.

Now Capricorn is a structured and rather conservative sign while Aquarius is the revolutionary one, the friendly one who wants to create a sense of community and new order. Quite a contrast between the two, don’t you think?
Rigid and steady vs. independent and diverse.

So Mars moved into Aquarius and he’ll embody its energy until the 19th of December, 2016. This is the time for us to go deep into our hearts and see what the diversity of our needs, attitudes and energies are. Let’s give up those stodgy attitudes of ours and step into the new. A new community is to be formed including us all, whatever be our background, color or race.

The work of everyone among us is to identify his or her contribution
to society and to allow this time to be an opportunity to link up with others.

Wishing you all well and bon courage,

PS: as the Beatles wrote and sang:
Hey Jude, don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better.

Barbel Besseyre
(919) 929-3046

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New Moon in Scorpio & Trick or Treat


Greetings to all of you from Little Creek,

This New Moon in Scorpio falls at a time of withering, dying foliage along with fewer minutes of light during each day.  As though this isn’t enough, there is also the celebration of Halloween when children come to your door with scary costumes and threatening sounds that create an air of mystery and secrecy.

It’s as though these events invite you to follow Mother Earth’s example and, like she does with her leaves, do away with things that no longer suit us.   Do you hear the whispers of your soul during this New Moon time?  This is the ideal time to listen because the contact between the Sun (conscious) and the Moon (unconscious) is very, very close.

At this time it’s easier for us to hear that little voice within us nagging and nudging us to do away with the old and allow the new to come forth.  That soft but persistent voice invites us to chase our old ghosts away and get rid of old habits and outdated patterns of behaviour.

For example, just imagine releasing unpleasant thoughts about our childhood and replacing them with wonderful memories of laughter and fun.  It would be great to restore friendship with Johnny and Leslie so that we could move forward with mutual respect and understanding.  Let’s all choose the high road of integrity rather than wincing and making excuses of not having the skills to do it.

Mars, being the strong willed planet, has his say this time around and is ready to break up our stale energies.  We can handle that change and that transformation.  All we have to do is listen to that little voice and hunt for our treasures.

Trick or treat?  It’s up you to choose.
Bonne lunaison,
Barbel Besseyre

(919) 929-3046
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Super Moons


Fall greetings from Little Creek,

It’s at times of planetary happenings that we feel particularly vulnerable when things don’t seem to be working out.  Maybe we’re not heading in the right direction or we haven’t made the right decision.  What’s going on up there?


The 13th of October was the date of the Full Moon in Aries.  It looked like a huge bright bubble hanging on to its position in the heavens, didn’t it?  Well,  we’ll be graced with another opportunity to see this kind of Moon on the 14th of November, date of the next Full Moon in Scorpio.  Both are called Super Moons because they are 14 % more luminous than at other times throughout the year.


The aspects of the planets or the relationships among the planets 
at these times of the Full Moon are particularly strained and “tug-of-war”
like.  There is no yielding, no giving in, simply a stick-in-the-mud attitude.


Particularly during this time period between these two Super Moons let’s look at our own lives because maybe we reflect some of these conflictual planetary attitudes in our everyday lives.  Patch up your quarrels with Sally and try to listen to her side of the story.  Turn your tongue twice in your mouth because you answer the umpteenth call
from the insurance company.  Sit down attentively with Harry who needs help with his math problems.


This is more than simply “The Paper Moon, Sailing Over The Cardboard Sea“.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to change things between now and the 14th of November and, just like planets, reach for harmonious aspects.  I had a peek at the Super Moon chart and saw clearly that Venus will show us the way.   Let’s move forward with love in our hearts and kindness in our attitudes.


Sending blessings to you all,


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Barbel Besseyre

(919) 929-3046
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New Moon in Libra Sept. 30


Greetings from Little Creek,

Ouffff!!   There’s great news on the horizon because Virgo is passed and there is a brighter day ahead.  Classes are in session now and you no longer have to battle and fight your way to the cash register at Target in order to pay for Molly’s coloring pencils and Joe’s football shorts.


Now you can focus on your personal projects and goals.  But don’t be overwhelmed by your tasks because you’re not alone in this.  The New Moon in Libra sends you good vibes and lets you know that you have partners, associates, teammates and family members whom you can count on to lend a hand.  Mary will surely be willing to introduce you at the board meeting and your son might even clean the bedrooms.


Your task this month is to work on establishing or reinforcing your relationships.  The presence of the others is critical to your happiness, treat them with respect.  Rather than imposing or storming forward, why not try to be tactful and gracious?  Instead of commandeering or ordering, why not be more tolerant and courteous?  Take the peaceful and tranquil road of Libra.


Finally, there is no better way to grow in relationships than to….relate. So don’t be the loner, but rather the suave Yves Montand singing “Autumn Leaves” to your beloved.


Happy fall season to all,
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Dog Days in Virgo


Greetings to you all from Little Creek,

Now that we’ve vacationed and spent boisterous times with the kids as well as pleasant moments with friends, it’s time to move on and live out new adventures and other challenging phases in our lives.


Ready or not, here comes Virgo. 
She starts off this month with a bang – a Solar Eclipse and a Mercury retrograde.
How that for a defiant beginning of the month?  Virgo, as you all surely know, is the sign of harvest and crops, nutrition and health and work.

Virgo asks us: 
  • What can we do so that next year’s harvests will go well and that the crops will be abundant?
  • What can we do so we will be more successful in our jobs and daily work?
  • What can we do so that we remain healthy and enjoy great vitality throughout the coming year?
Virgo has her arms full of advice, but she particularly draws our attention to the topic of details.  The details of your work schedule, the details in your Power Point presentation, the details of your gym program and others.  Sift through your plans and look at the details.  Be picky about it because in the end it will yield much satisfaction and rewards.


Today my usual morning walk allowed me to halt a moment and look at the details of something that I had not noticed before.  No, it isn’t the crane with the fish in his mouth, it’s ….it’s …it’s the… Can you find it on the picture below?

Bonne Lunaison- Happy New Moon Day and a happy Virgo month,
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