Super Moons


Fall greetings from Little Creek,

It’s at times of planetary happenings that we feel particularly vulnerable when things don’t seem to be working out.  Maybe we’re not heading in the right direction or we haven’t made the right decision.  What’s going on up there?


The 13th of October was the date of the Full Moon in Aries.  It looked like a huge bright bubble hanging on to its position in the heavens, didn’t it?  Well,  we’ll be graced with another opportunity to see this kind of Moon on the 14th of November, date of the next Full Moon in Scorpio.  Both are called Super Moons because they are 14 % more luminous than at other times throughout the year.


The aspects of the planets or the relationships among the planets 
at these times of the Full Moon are particularly strained and “tug-of-war”
like.  There is no yielding, no giving in, simply a stick-in-the-mud attitude.


Particularly during this time period between these two Super Moons let’s look at our own lives because maybe we reflect some of these conflictual planetary attitudes in our everyday lives.  Patch up your quarrels with Sally and try to listen to her side of the story.  Turn your tongue twice in your mouth because you answer the umpteenth call
from the insurance company.  Sit down attentively with Harry who needs help with his math problems.


This is more than simply “The Paper Moon, Sailing Over The Cardboard Sea“.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to change things between now and the 14th of November and, just like planets, reach for harmonious aspects.  I had a peek at the Super Moon chart and saw clearly that Venus will show us the way.   Let’s move forward with love in our hearts and kindness in our attitudes.


Sending blessings to you all,


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New Moon in Libra Sept. 30


Greetings from Little Creek,

Ouffff!!   There’s great news on the horizon because Virgo is passed and there is a brighter day ahead.  Classes are in session now and you no longer have to battle and fight your way to the cash register at Target in order to pay for Molly’s coloring pencils and Joe’s football shorts.


Now you can focus on your personal projects and goals.  But don’t be overwhelmed by your tasks because you’re not alone in this.  The New Moon in Libra sends you good vibes and lets you know that you have partners, associates, teammates and family members whom you can count on to lend a hand.  Mary will surely be willing to introduce you at the board meeting and your son might even clean the bedrooms.


Your task this month is to work on establishing or reinforcing your relationships.  The presence of the others is critical to your happiness, treat them with respect.  Rather than imposing or storming forward, why not try to be tactful and gracious?  Instead of commandeering or ordering, why not be more tolerant and courteous?  Take the peaceful and tranquil road of Libra.


Finally, there is no better way to grow in relationships than to….relate. So don’t be the loner, but rather the suave Yves Montand singing “Autumn Leaves” to your beloved.


Happy fall season to all,
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Dog Days in Virgo


Greetings to you all from Little Creek,

Now that we’ve vacationed and spent boisterous times with the kids as well as pleasant moments with friends, it’s time to move on and live out new adventures and other challenging phases in our lives.


Ready or not, here comes Virgo. 
She starts off this month with a bang – a Solar Eclipse and a Mercury retrograde.
How that for a defiant beginning of the month?  Virgo, as you all surely know, is the sign of harvest and crops, nutrition and health and work.

Virgo asks us: 
  • What can we do so that next year’s harvests will go well and that the crops will be abundant?
  • What can we do so we will be more successful in our jobs and daily work?
  • What can we do so that we remain healthy and enjoy great vitality throughout the coming year?
Virgo has her arms full of advice, but she particularly draws our attention to the topic of details.  The details of your work schedule, the details in your Power Point presentation, the details of your gym program and others.  Sift through your plans and look at the details.  Be picky about it because in the end it will yield much satisfaction and rewards.


Today my usual morning walk allowed me to halt a moment and look at the details of something that I had not noticed before.  No, it isn’t the crane with the fish in his mouth, it’s ….it’s …it’s the… Can you find it on the picture below?

Bonne Lunaison- Happy New Moon Day and a happy Virgo month,
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New Moon in Leo


Greetings from Little Creek,

During these summer months we seem to be more busy than usual and have little time for ourselves.  This New Moon in Leo asks us to take time out, celebrate who we are and show our creative talents.  It’s time to renew ourselves!


Afraid of trying something new and being held back by those problems lurking in the back of your mind?  Why not bring them to the foreground and look at them with a positive attitude?  How do you solve them or modify them?  By using your CREATIVITY AND YOUR TALENTS.


For example, with much prodding from your sister, you finally dare to place your personal colorful flower arrangement  on the dining room table.  It certainly shows off your artistic flair and before long you receive many complimentary oooos and ahhhs.  One of your guests even suggests that you create the flower arrangements for Lulu’s wedding reception next Saturday.  Nothing better than that to show that creative side of yourself and with that little extra income, you could even sign up for community flower arranging class.


How about showing your manual skills by weaving a basket for Aunt Jemima? She’ll much appreciate it, ask you for more and before you know it you’ll be in business.


Put on your poet’s cap and type a haiku or sonnet.  Just keep at it like Leo and before you know it, you’ll have a book of poetry published.


These fun creations will give you the confidence and faith to carry on.  Those are the wonders of that Leo’s creative energy that encourages us with this New Moon.  Creativity is a crucial part of who you are.  Don’t ignore it – flaunt it and have fun!


Bonne lunaison,
PS What’s the best time to make your creative move?  A Solar Return chart will tell you     what you need to know.  so send an email or call and we’ll get started.
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New Moon in Cancer











Greetings from Little Creek,

Every New Moon cycle brings energy for growth and so today is a potent day.
Are you ready to accept this good flow of energy or are you mired in inertia?

The New Moon this month is a rather fluid and receptive Moon placed in the sign of Cancer. Where is Cancer in your chart? In House 4 or in House 10? That area of your chart is particularly energized at this time and this is where you should be doing some searching and reflecting.

For example House 4 is all about home and hearth and so think about your relationship with long forgotten uncle Jimmy and lonely cousin Jenny. Why not bake a cake for Jenny who is in the doldrums or drive north to visit uncle Jimmy?

The most important part of these moments of reflection is that you trust your feelings. At the beginning of your life it was your parents who navigated you in this world of feelings but now it’s up to you. It’s up to you to steer the boat and move into the direction of life that your feelings indicate.

During this past month I often had the opportunity to say or write a word of encouragement to those who were in my immediate surrounding. I hesitated at first, then checked in with my feelings and finally came forth with a word of concern or consolation. A smile or “merci” was the result and the world around us felt lighter. It was a most rewarding time.

Listen to your intuition, allow your strengths to come forth and go with the flow of this New Moon.

Bonne lunaison,

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New Moon in Taurus and your garden

Greetings from Little Creek,


What makes you feel secure and comfortable?
A deep connection to your partner in life?  A recent increase in cash flow?
A new morning meditation?

Those are questions we can ask ourselves at this time of the New Moon in Taurus. 
With this new lunar cycle in Taurus we especially receive an invitation to examine our values closely and to set our goals for the months to come.

So let’s focus on those values.
What qualities do we need to value most so that they be manifested in our lives?

Suppose we greatly appreciate a thriving garden. 
So we become gardeners.  But what do we need to do in order to make sure that our plants get sufficient care for the plants to thrive?  We must be fully committed toward tending the seeds, blooms, pruning, fertilizing and watering.  We must be reliable and we must show up in moments of intemperate weather, drought and flooding.  It is only then that our plants will flourish and grow in abundance.

And we need to do the same thing in our lives.  Let’s be wholly responsible and entirely engaged in taking care of our health, balancing our bank account, restructuring our grocery budget and loving those close to us. Our core values, our self-worth and comfort are in the foreground with the New Moon in Taurus.

Make this New Moon your loyal companion at this time of the month.  It’s supported by Venus, Jupiter and Pluto and what better company could guide you in your search for your true values.

Bises and Bees,
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Super Duper Retrograde!

Greetings from Little Creek,

Has your life slowed down for you? Have you noticed how complicated most tasks seem these days? Do parent-children crises come up more often these days?


What is going on the heavenly spheres? Well, the answer is simple. There are five planets retrograding at the same time at this very moment. This might not mean a whole lot to you but this “happening” takes place only once every ten years and it can have an effect on us lowly humans trying to mind our own business here on earth.

The effects of these planets retrograding might be considered negative but I think we should look at the positive side of this period. And so let’s look at the following retrograde planets from the sunny side of the street:

• Mercury R– rethink your projects, rewrite those scripts and revise your programs.                               Express yourself through music and painting
• Mars R– take care of your physical needs
• Jupiter R– move ahead with your projects and don’t procrastinate
• Saturn R– do away with feelings of doubts and questions about your self-worth
• Pluto R– allow that transforming energy to flow

Today, Jupiter retrograde is sitting on my natal Mercury – so prim and proper indicating to me that’s it’s time to move forward and sign off.

Don’t just take my word for it.
The Washington Post also has a lot to tell you on this special day!

Bises retro,
ps For the Jupiter-Saturn workshop on May 7, we’ll be meeting at the house on Little Creek. Let us know if you’re coming and we’ll reserve a place for you.

See you then.



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