Dear Readers,

We had a beautiful visitor from outer space, which we thought you’d enjoy.

photo (1)Excuse me, but that’s my cashmere sweater you’re sitting on……

Whoops, sorry but I’m famished.
How have you been? Nice place you’ve got here.

Where do you come from? You look a little tired. Long trip?

Well, yeah. I am a little worn out. Big rainstorm over the Atlantic.

Tuesday I was on Mars. Wednesday I was on the Moon checking in with family.

You like my outfit? How about this green?

Oh, yeah. Stunning. Very chic. Where did you get it?

I stopped in Paris on the way over. A cute, little boutique on St. Germain.
A little pricey but worth it, wouldn’t you say?
Looks great with the lights coming through it don’t you think?.

Yes indeed, lovely. Well, what brings you here?

I came to see how you are.
At night I always look for a pretty porch light and a screen door next to it where I can rest.
Yours is perfect here. Quiet, peaceful and a great spot for waiting to catch a bug or two.

So glad to hear that. And thanks for stopping by.
This is certainly a wonderful experience and we enjoy every minute of your being here with us.

Give our best to the guys up there.
Tell them how much we appreciate your being here among us.

Shall do.
So long and see you all again soon.


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Accentuate the Positive…

You know dear friends, with the way the planets are lining up just now, it’s exactly the right time to confirm your true identity, solidify who you are and decide what you really want to do with your life!

What does all that mean?
It means it’s the perfect time to take a quiet survey of your best qualities, talents and skills. And to make sure you’re heading in the right direction with them and then –
then, the sky’s the limit.

vintage-woman-writingHow do you do that? 
Why don’t you sit down quietly and make a list of all the talents you have.  That’ll give you an idea of the things you love to do.   Think of your hobbies and  things you’re passionate about and take a hard look at where you’re currently investing your energy. Go for the passion and you’ll never go wrong!

Once this exercise is done, you’ll become more aware of who you really are and what you’d love to do. Don’t hide your talents, but rather expand and branch out. You’ll strengthen your resolve and uncover your true identity.
Allow me to give you some examples:

If you’re a craftsperson, why don’t you go ahead and sign up for an Art in the Park show and let the visitors see those beautiful red pepper plates and handsome blue bowls? They’ll “positively” love your work!

Are you a therapist?  Stretch your wings and “accentuate the positive” by organizing a seminar showing the participants how to reclaim the balance in their daily life.

If you’re an astrologer, why don’t you organize a discussion group once a month and allow the participants to “eliminate the negative” by better understanding their charts. (Hah! a great idea, no?…read on).*

So working with Jupiter, your planet of good luck and fortune, make the effort to uncover your true identity and then go with the flow of the planets.

And always remember to “Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative…”
Give a listen…

Happy summer days in July,


P.S. *By the way, I absolutely will be organizing a discussion group starting towards the end of this month.  So do stay tuned.

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A Full Moon and a Café Latte

Cherie and George meet for coffee at Starbuck’s






George:  Hi there Cherie. You know I’m really worn out.  I haven’t slept well for the past two nights.  How about you?  Do you think it’s the pollen or my six cups of coffee?

Cherie:  I’ve had a hard time getting to sleep too George, but some of it is the Full Moon that keeps us awake.

G: Well, that’s very interesting. Tell me more.


Ch: You know, George, that I’m an astrologer and from an astrologer’s point of view this is always a tough time.  It may have something to do with the gravitational pull of the moon that actually tugs on our bodies and our minds.  It’s also about the pull of the various planets and we’re at the effect of all that.

Historically, the Egyptians and even prior to that, the Babylonians saw these systems and correlated them so that they could predict the right time for planting rice, for example.

Now scientists have validated those observations and Astrology and Science ride side-by-side constituting a complete system of predictions. Astrology can now predict not only the different phases of the Moon but the timing of Life’s turning points.
Isn’t that fantastic?






G:  Absolutely Cherie. So then, the full Moon comes around again in 28 days again is that right? And I may have problems sleeping?

Ch: That’s right George.  But, next time why don’t you try to adjust your schedule?  A couple of days before or after the Full Moon push things off a bit and lighten your load.

Go on a hike or a picnic with your girlfriend and let go of your routines. No more computer work up to 11 pm and no late night coffee, but rather try some soothing music and a cup of chamomile tea.

G: Thanks for the advice, Cherie.  It’s much appreciated.

Ch:  And George, remember, when you feel strange or weird or out of sorts, do give me a call and I’ll take a look at your chart.  I’ll be happy to do that.



Happy Full Moon, my dear readers,







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Letting go, slowly

Greetings to you all.
We’re now in the sign of Taurus and my best wishes for Happy Birthday to those of you born under this sign.

Your sign represents the material aspects of life.

You tend to build a life of comfort and pleasure and work hard to achieve this.  A house with a garden in the suburbs or a townhouse on Central Park West in Manhattan, a loving family and eco-weekends may be what you thirst for.  All these elements might make you feel well and secure.

In addition. to delight your senses, Venus, that guardian planet of yours, bestows upon you a taste for freshly baked bread, full-bodied wines, silky robes and an appreciation for art. All of these elements might give you a sense of well-being, but, as you know, change and movement are part of life.

We can choose to change and move or just stay stuck.

Don’t let your Taurus nature to get in your way and miss that trip to Alaska to count the wolf/moose population.
Don’t cancel that camping trip that your boyfriend has planned for months just because it’s not your favorite activity.
The choice is always yours, but just think of the fun you would be having roasting marshmallows by the fire cuddled in a blanket together.


So don’t be stuck in your old habits, but rather rethink your thoughts and actions. Why not opt for an Air I-pad since you’ve been so allergic to the computer?  Tired of the same toothpaste you’ve been buying for years?  Make it cherry flavored next time.  And why don’t you try a hot stone massage instead of working out in the gym?




May you enjoy a new-found sense of lightness… now put on the music and dance with your broom in the living room.


So, if you find yourself stuck in your old patterns and habits, I would be happy to take a look at your chart and create a reading for you to help you know who you are, why you are and how to be happier.

Until next time or a bientot,


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Aries and Spring Cleaning


It’s SPRING and it’s no time to hibernate and lie back.  Aries has a message for you all and it’s loud and clear – “The starting bell is ringing” and this is the moment for all you Arians (and all the rest of us) to start our Spring Cleanings.  It’s time to let go of anything that no longer serves you.
Now is the time to – just do it!

Are you still hesitating to get rid of those chipped flower pots or repairing the torn cover of your favorite armchair?  Does your clothes closet need a good looking over and cleaning out?
Now is the time to – just do it!

And you know, the process is not just about things.  It may also be about people and personalities.  You might have to get face-to-face with a critical parent and defend your point of view.  Your obnoxious and single-minded boss may be getting on your nerves and force you to stand up to him to tell him what you really think about his latest marketing strategy.
Now is the time to – just do it!

Aries’ message to us all is about Courage.
Tell your fears to take a hike, toss your hesitations and doubts and just do it

You already have the power.  All you have to do is use it.
No more excuses of not having enough money to go scuba diving in Cancun because you’re afraid to take that scuba diving class.  Feel the fear, face the fear and for once this year – just do it!


Need more ammunition to get your life out of neutral and on the road into high gear? Send me an email at: barbelbesseyre at or give me a call (919-929-3046) and we’ll do your chart (or the chart of a friend or family member). We’ll show you how the planets are telling you that now is the time to change your life so…just do it! 

Until next time,


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It’s Spring …


Blue skies, warm temperatures, birds tweeting and a smell of freshness.  Spring is here.
Open your windows and allow the airiness of spring enter your home ! 

Equinox was yesterday, the 20th of March, the day the Sun crossed the equator from South to North and made the length of day and night the same.

This event symbolizes the season of rebirth, beginnings and renewal.  Truly the Rites of Spring.  Many countries celebrate the arrival of equinox in unique ways.  For example the Mayans celebrated the return of the light at the well known pyramid of El Castillo in Chichen Itza.   SpringEquinox

Persians make a 13 day celebration of the event.  Stone circles in Denmark, England and other countries  attract their yearly visitors to see the first Sunrays light up the stones. It is truly the moment to give thanks to Mother Earth for her abundance throughout the year and ask her to bless us for the coming year. Druids Celebrate The Summer Solstice At Stonehenge

Astrology also marks its beginning of another cycle.  The Sun enters the sign of Aries today, March 21st, the first sign of the classical, zodiacal circle.  It’s time to wipe your slates clean and start afresh, to move forward and be self-assertive.  With unending energy streams of your sign, you can make that sign shine brightly and sing along with George Harrison :

Celebrate the new season with lightness in your step and leave the cold darkness of winter behind.  The sap begins to rise in the plants and may your spirits rise and soar. Happy, happy spring days ahead for you, my dear readers.

Until next time, the time of the New Moon in Aries,


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Why don’t you…







BB: Hi Vero,

Veronique: Salut, Barbel.
What’s been going on in your life?

BB: I’ve got exciting news. The New Moon phase started this past Monday and this time it’s in Sagittarius. Get ready for a ride on the big Ferris Wheel of life!

Veronique: Why in heaven’s name do you say that?

BB: Do you remember what happened to you this past Monday? An important event? What was different about this day? Did you have an appointment with someone who pointed you in a new direction? Were you inspired to do something that has been in the back of your mind for months?

Veronique: I will have to think back and try to remember what I did that day.
Oh, yes. I was called in my boss who offered me a new position.

BB: I’m delighted to hear that and sure hope that it’ll work out.
You know the New Moon generates new beginnings and this time these start-ups, always generate lots of optimism, vitality and movement. As though this wasn’t enough but they got a big push of encouragement by a beautiful alignment from that well-known planet of surprise Uranus in the sign of Aries.

Veronique: If I well remember from my astrology class both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs. They must have had a real party up there.

BB: Yes, and with fireworks sending us a great deal of energy and prodding us to do something new. New impulses, inspiration and yearnings to start new projects. Those guys upstairs sure sent us lots of new ideas.
So now, why don’t you tell me what happened to you this past Monday?

Veronique: Well, you remember I used to do collage work, which I have neglected for the past two years. On Monday the idea of picking up this activity again popped into my mind. No later said than done, I settled down for the whole day creating my personal
X-mas card for the coming holidays. How excited and happy I was to place a piece of colorful paper next to another and another to finally create a piece of work that is to my liking.


BB: That’s great.
You’ll have to show me your work when we get together next time. You’re right on target, Vero.  It’s the perfect time to start a new project, just like you’re doing.  This New Moon gives you a great opportunity until the 9th. So don’t delay, grab those magazines and scissors and start cutting away.

See you then, Vero,


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