Shifting, Changing, Rearranging

Greetings to you all from Little Creek,


Vacation has ended and we’re ready to get back to work again.
So shuffle your feet and dance into this electrifying month.

Virgo welcomes us with both the Solar and Lunar eclipses,
as well as ever-popular Jupiter. How is that for a back-to-work signal?

So let’s be more specific.
The Solar Eclipse and the New Moon highlight the skies on the 12th and the Lunar Eclipse follows at the end of the month, on the 30th. Both eclipses call us to action and engage us to be more productive in our daily tasks. What a more suitable sign than Virgo for this to take place?

Since it is a sign of health and work, do make an effort to be more serious about your self-care. How about joining a dance group swinging and counting one, two, one-two-three, cha, cha, cha? In Virgo we have no time to go cruising around the Greek islands but rather being more productive in our daily tasks and being concerned with self-care.

On the eve of the 12th September is the moment to sit down and write yourself a letter because this Solar Eclipse has a long-term effect. Invite the Virgo energies to come forth and allow them to help you accomplish your newly-set goals. Let’s see what kind of shape you’ll be in when the next pair of eclipses come along in March 2016.

Just a short reminder that on the 12th we’ll have a 4 o’clock workshop session on the September skies at the Honeysuckle Tea House. Come join us there and remember to put your heart and soul into whatever you do.

Happy Eclipse time,

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It’s the New Moon in Leo

So go ahead and ROAR!


All of the cages are open for you to step out
and show the world your unique dream.

This is the ideal time release your bursts of creativity – whatever form they take.
Maybe it’s penning the lyrics for that soul-filled song,
Drawing the soft and mellow North Carolina sunset or

Giving an encouraging pep talk to your group of discouraged volunteers.

This is the time to have people “oooh and “aaaah” over your new creations

and to confidently take your place on center stage.

Leos are resourceful people, skilled and productive and you can be too.

All you have to do is set your mind to it and just do it!

This New Moon in Leo is the beginning of a 29 Moon cycle and it is the ideal time to take action. Add a little razzle-dazzle to your life and your star will shine brighter than ever….. and in Leo style!

See you on stage as the curtain goes up on your next act!

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New Moon and Crab Cakes

Having difficulties lately with family and friends? 

This is a good time to take a real hard look at what’s going on.
What’s up?


 It’s the New Moon in Cancer,
sign of home and hearth and family.
That new crescent Moon is a signal to you
that the time is right to sit down and talk tonight.

In two weeks when the Moon is full in the sky you’ll feel really good about how you’ve reached out and made your family a better place.

Farewell and be at peace,

PS This is a perfect time to look carefully at your chart and map out your moves for the rest of the month. Call or e-mail me to set up a time to order a consultation.

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New Moon in Gemini

Time rolls around once more for a New Moon cycle to begin.
This time it is in the sign of Gemini and the date is the 16th of June.

Now that Mercury has finished his backstrokes and there will be fewer misfirings as to you being misunderstood or even overlooked, this coming Tuesday is the perfect day to step forward and to greet the annual Gemini New Moon.
This day is the ideal time to map out your goals and the area to be honed in on is the area of Communication.

Tin can phone

Tin can phone

• How are your skills in this field?
• Do you listen attentively to the person you’re talking with?
• Do you navigate the Internet with ease?
• Are you self-confident when speaking in public?

In short, in which area of the communication skills do you want to improve?
Being well aligned with this New Moon, the planet Mars gives us solid support.  He’ll help you stick to your plans and encourages you to step out and make a name for yourself.

Now about our next workshop. The Ascendant will be our main topic.
So what’s that ?  It’s the degree of the zodiacal sign in the East at the moment of your birth.
Oh, but wait, there’s more. It’s your first House.  It’s like a filter over your whole chart.  Come, join us and find out what your Ascendant is and what does it mean for you.

The class will take place this time on the 11th of July due to the holiday of the 4th on the preceding Saturday.
Bonne lunaison and stay cool,
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New Moon in Taurus

Now that the frenzied activities of Aries are behind us and the seeds have taken root and sprouted, let’s turn to the New Moon in Taurus. Taurus is an earthy sign and so it rules our physical senses, our life on earth and emphasizes material comforts.

     Let’s make ourselves comfortable and slow down following the hectic pace of life in Aries.  Why not plunge your hands into the soil and feel the coolness of it?  Take a few minutes to feel the humidity of the soil and breathe deeply. Inhale. Exhale.  You will feel the calmness that these deep breaths bestow upon you.

    Now that you’re envigorated, if you so wish, sing a tune or chant woo, woo, woo, if you can’t remember the lyrics.  That will bring you joy so that you may even be able to hit a high C.

    Since Taurus rules security, why not check out your bank account and see that there are no overdrafts.  Maybe you can do without some of those take-out meals and cook a meal at home.

    Connect to Mother Earth and allow her calmness and quietness to penetrate your whole being.

Wishing you serenity and peace,
P.S. And don’t forget our monthly workshops.
The next is on June 6th.  Click here to sign up!

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The New Moon in Aries

Close up of young plant sprouting from ground

We are the gardeners of the zodiac and with the New Moon in Aries,
it’s the ideal time to get to our garden projects of planting seeds and young seedlings.

But before getting to those tasks, have we blown our moldy fall leaves off the flower beds, turned the soil, enriched it with fresh mulch and natural fertilizers? Only once that is done, can we grow an abundant and nourishing crop.

It’s also the planting season for our personal lives and new projects.
  • Let’s plan for success and good fortune by letting go of the old ways of doing things which no longer serve us.
  • Let’s tune in better to the person we’re speaking with – just listen.
  • Let’s be more attentive to the people and things surrounding us at work and at home.
Let’s plant and plan for success.

The  energies of the New Moon in Aries will allow our plants and our plans to take root and thrive.

It’s the perfect time to let the sunshine into our lives and grow!
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Dear Readers,

We had a beautiful visitor from outer space, which we thought you’d enjoy.

photo (1)Excuse me, but that’s my cashmere sweater you’re sitting on……

Whoops, sorry but I’m famished.
How have you been? Nice place you’ve got here.

Where do you come from? You look a little tired. Long trip?

Well, yeah. I am a little worn out. Big rainstorm over the Atlantic.

Tuesday I was on Mars. Wednesday I was on the Moon checking in with family.

You like my outfit? How about this green?

Oh, yeah. Stunning. Very chic. Where did you get it?

I stopped in Paris on the way over. A cute, little boutique on St. Germain.
A little pricey but worth it, wouldn’t you say?
Looks great with the lights coming through it don’t you think?.

Yes indeed, lovely. Well, what brings you here?

I came to see how you are.
At night I always look for a pretty porch light and a screen door next to it where I can rest.
Yours is perfect here. Quiet, peaceful and a great spot for waiting to catch a bug or two.

So glad to hear that. And thanks for stopping by.
This is certainly a wonderful experience and we enjoy every minute of your being here with us.

Give our best to the guys up there.
Tell them how much we appreciate your being here among us.

Shall do.
So long and see you all again soon.


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