A Full Moon and a Café Latte

Cherie and George meet for coffee at Starbuck’s






George:  Hi there Cherie. You know I’m really worn out.  I haven’t slept well for the past two nights.  How about you?  Do you think it’s the pollen or my six cups of coffee?

Cherie:  I’ve had a hard time getting to sleep too George, but some of it is the Full Moon that keeps us awake.

G: Well, that’s very interesting. Tell me more.


Ch: You know, George, that I’m an astrologer and from an astrologer’s point of view this is always a tough time.  It may have something to do with the gravitational pull of the moon that actually tugs on our bodies and our minds.  It’s also about the pull of the various planets and we’re at the effect of all that.

Historically, the Egyptians and even prior to that, the Babylonians saw these systems and correlated them so that they could predict the right time for planting rice, for example.

Now scientists have validated those observations and Astrology and Science ride side-by-side constituting a complete system of predictions. Astrology can now predict not only the different phases of the Moon but the timing of Life’s turning points.
Isn’t that fantastic?






G:  Absolutely Cherie. So then, the full Moon comes around again in 28 days again is that right? And I may have problems sleeping?

Ch: That’s right George.  But, next time why don’t you try to adjust your schedule?  A couple of days before or after the Full Moon push things off a bit and lighten your load.

Go on a hike or a picnic with your girlfriend and let go of your routines. No more computer work up to 11 pm and no late night coffee, but rather try some soothing music and a cup of chamomile tea.

G: Thanks for the advice, Cherie.  It’s much appreciated.

Ch:  And George, remember, when you feel strange or weird or out of sorts, do give me a call and I’ll take a look at your chart.  I’ll be happy to do that.



Happy Full Moon, my dear readers,







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