Dear Readers,

We had a beautiful visitor from outer space, which we thought you’d enjoy.

photo (1)Excuse me, but that’s my cashmere sweater you’re sitting on……

Whoops, sorry but I’m famished.
How have you been? Nice place you’ve got here.

Where do you come from? You look a little tired. Long trip?

Well, yeah. I am a little worn out. Big rainstorm over the Atlantic.

Tuesday I was on Mars. Wednesday I was on the Moon checking in with family.

You like my outfit? How about this green?

Oh, yeah. Stunning. Very chic. Where did you get it?

I stopped in Paris on the way over. A cute, little boutique on St. Germain.
A little pricey but worth it, wouldn’t you say?
Looks great with the lights coming through it don’t you think?.

Yes indeed, lovely. Well, what brings you here?

I came to see how you are.
At night I always look for a pretty porch light and a screen door next to it where I can rest.
Yours is perfect here. Quiet, peaceful and a great spot for waiting to catch a bug or two.

So glad to hear that. And thanks for stopping by.
This is certainly a wonderful experience and we enjoy every minute of your being here with us.

Give our best to the guys up there.
Tell them how much we appreciate your being here among us.

Shall do.
So long and see you all again soon.


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1 Response to Lunatic

  1. Susan Ludwil says:

    Beautiful! Hope you are well!


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