New Moon in Taurus

Now that the frenzied activities of Aries are behind us and the seeds have taken root and sprouted, let’s turn to the New Moon in Taurus. Taurus is an earthy sign and so it rules our physical senses, our life on earth and emphasizes material comforts.

     Let’s make ourselves comfortable and slow down following the hectic pace of life in Aries.  Why not plunge your hands into the soil and feel the coolness of it?  Take a few minutes to feel the humidity of the soil and breathe deeply. Inhale. Exhale.  You will feel the calmness that these deep breaths bestow upon you.

    Now that you’re envigorated, if you so wish, sing a tune or chant woo, woo, woo, if you can’t remember the lyrics.  That will bring you joy so that you may even be able to hit a high C.

    Since Taurus rules security, why not check out your bank account and see that there are no overdrafts.  Maybe you can do without some of those take-out meals and cook a meal at home.

    Connect to Mother Earth and allow her calmness and quietness to penetrate your whole being.

Wishing you serenity and peace,
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