New Moon in Gemini

Time rolls around once more for a New Moon cycle to begin.
This time it is in the sign of Gemini and the date is the 16th of June.

Now that Mercury has finished his backstrokes and there will be fewer misfirings as to you being misunderstood or even overlooked, this coming Tuesday is the perfect day to step forward and to greet the annual Gemini New Moon.
This day is the ideal time to map out your goals and the area to be honed in on is the area of Communication.

Tin can phone

Tin can phone

• How are your skills in this field?
• Do you listen attentively to the person you’re talking with?
• Do you navigate the Internet with ease?
• Are you self-confident when speaking in public?

In short, in which area of the communication skills do you want to improve?
Being well aligned with this New Moon, the planet Mars gives us solid support.  He’ll help you stick to your plans and encourages you to step out and make a name for yourself.

Now about our next workshop. The Ascendant will be our main topic.
So what’s that ?  It’s the degree of the zodiacal sign in the East at the moment of your birth.
Oh, but wait, there’s more. It’s your first House.  It’s like a filter over your whole chart.  Come, join us and find out what your Ascendant is and what does it mean for you.

The class will take place this time on the 11th of July due to the holiday of the 4th on the preceding Saturday.
Bonne lunaison and stay cool,
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1 Response to New Moon in Gemini

  1. Susie Wilde says:

    Thank goodness true communication is on the near horizion!!! Phew!!!

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