New Moon for the New Year


Greetings from Little Creek,

Happy New Year and a Happy New Moon to all of you, my dear readers.

Our first New Moon is in the constellation of Capricorn, an earth sign.   Earth signs are grounded, tangible, concrete, rock steady and solid.  What a blessing for us to start the year off with this kind of energy.  And if that’s not enough, we have four planets lined up in this sign to help us along.

So what should we do with all this New Moon energy?  Work with your New Year’s resolutions.  To be more precise, we should create well grounded structures for them.  How do you plan to go about finding new work opportunities?  Are you ready to budget your time more efficiently?  When will you schedule your workout routine?  What about a new health regimen?

These goals shouldn’t be “here today and gone tomorrow” but rather these are goals which you should set for yourself and steps you can take to make your New Year’s resolutions real.  Just think, this can be life changing and if you so wish, check in again in six months and we’ll see where you are on your schedule.

Capricorn is associated with the mountain goat and climbing that mountain might be a challenge, but determination and ambition will allow you to forge ahead without looking back.  Your priority is to reach the summit where you can become who you wish to be.

It’s a long and heavy list this time around and I can even feel that energy in creating my write-up.  It might seem too long and too heavy and not a lot of fun but that is the energy of the moment.  It’ll be better when we meet again next month under the New Moon.

So I wish you the best and shall bid “adieu”.  

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1 Response to New Moon for the New Year

  1. Heidi Swygard says:

    This was great! Thank you for sending it my way!

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