New Moon in Cancer











Greetings from Little Creek,

Every New Moon cycle brings energy for growth and so today is a potent day.
Are you ready to accept this good flow of energy or are you mired in inertia?

The New Moon this month is a rather fluid and receptive Moon placed in the sign of Cancer. Where is Cancer in your chart? In House 4 or in House 10? That area of your chart is particularly energized at this time and this is where you should be doing some searching and reflecting.

For example House 4 is all about home and hearth and so think about your relationship with long forgotten uncle Jimmy and lonely cousin Jenny. Why not bake a cake for Jenny who is in the doldrums or drive north to visit uncle Jimmy?

The most important part of these moments of reflection is that you trust your feelings. At the beginning of your life it was your parents who navigated you in this world of feelings but now it’s up to you. It’s up to you to steer the boat and move into the direction of life that your feelings indicate.

During this past month I often had the opportunity to say or write a word of encouragement to those who were in my immediate surrounding. I hesitated at first, then checked in with my feelings and finally came forth with a word of concern or consolation. A smile or “merci” was the result and the world around us felt lighter. It was a most rewarding time.

Listen to your intuition, allow your strengths to come forth and go with the flow of this New Moon.

Bonne lunaison,

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