New Moon in Leo


Greetings from Little Creek,

During these summer months we seem to be more busy than usual and have little time for ourselves.  This New Moon in Leo asks us to take time out, celebrate who we are and show our creative talents.  It’s time to renew ourselves!


Afraid of trying something new and being held back by those problems lurking in the back of your mind?  Why not bring them to the foreground and look at them with a positive attitude?  How do you solve them or modify them?  By using your CREATIVITY AND YOUR TALENTS.


For example, with much prodding from your sister, you finally dare to place your personal colorful flower arrangement  on the dining room table.  It certainly shows off your artistic flair and before long you receive many complimentary oooos and ahhhs.  One of your guests even suggests that you create the flower arrangements for Lulu’s wedding reception next Saturday.  Nothing better than that to show that creative side of yourself and with that little extra income, you could even sign up for community flower arranging class.


How about showing your manual skills by weaving a basket for Aunt Jemima? She’ll much appreciate it, ask you for more and before you know it you’ll be in business.


Put on your poet’s cap and type a haiku or sonnet.  Just keep at it like Leo and before you know it, you’ll have a book of poetry published.


These fun creations will give you the confidence and faith to carry on.  Those are the wonders of that Leo’s creative energy that encourages us with this New Moon.  Creativity is a crucial part of who you are.  Don’t ignore it – flaunt it and have fun!


Bonne lunaison,
PS What’s the best time to make your creative move?  A Solar Return chart will tell you     what you need to know.  so send an email or call and we’ll get started.
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