Dog Days in Virgo


Greetings to you all from Little Creek,

Now that we’ve vacationed and spent boisterous times with the kids as well as pleasant moments with friends, it’s time to move on and live out new adventures and other challenging phases in our lives.


Ready or not, here comes Virgo. 
She starts off this month with a bang – a Solar Eclipse and a Mercury retrograde.
How that for a defiant beginning of the month?  Virgo, as you all surely know, is the sign of harvest and crops, nutrition and health and work.

Virgo asks us: 
  • What can we do so that next year’s harvests will go well and that the crops will be abundant?
  • What can we do so we will be more successful in our jobs and daily work?
  • What can we do so that we remain healthy and enjoy great vitality throughout the coming year?
Virgo has her arms full of advice, but she particularly draws our attention to the topic of details.  The details of your work schedule, the details in your Power Point presentation, the details of your gym program and others.  Sift through your plans and look at the details.  Be picky about it because in the end it will yield much satisfaction and rewards.


Today my usual morning walk allowed me to halt a moment and look at the details of something that I had not noticed before.  No, it isn’t the crane with the fish in his mouth, it’s ….it’s …it’s the… Can you find it on the picture below?

Bonne Lunaison- Happy New Moon Day and a happy Virgo month,
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