New Moon in Libra Sept. 30


Greetings from Little Creek,

Ouffff!!   There’s great news on the horizon because Virgo is passed and there is a brighter day ahead.  Classes are in session now and you no longer have to battle and fight your way to the cash register at Target in order to pay for Molly’s coloring pencils and Joe’s football shorts.


Now you can focus on your personal projects and goals.  But don’t be overwhelmed by your tasks because you’re not alone in this.  The New Moon in Libra sends you good vibes and lets you know that you have partners, associates, teammates and family members whom you can count on to lend a hand.  Mary will surely be willing to introduce you at the board meeting and your son might even clean the bedrooms.


Your task this month is to work on establishing or reinforcing your relationships.  The presence of the others is critical to your happiness, treat them with respect.  Rather than imposing or storming forward, why not try to be tactful and gracious?  Instead of commandeering or ordering, why not be more tolerant and courteous?  Take the peaceful and tranquil road of Libra.


Finally, there is no better way to grow in relationships than to….relate. So don’t be the loner, but rather the suave Yves Montand singing “Autumn Leaves” to your beloved.


Happy fall season to all,
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