Super Moons


Fall greetings from Little Creek,

It’s at times of planetary happenings that we feel particularly vulnerable when things don’t seem to be working out.  Maybe we’re not heading in the right direction or we haven’t made the right decision.  What’s going on up there?


The 13th of October was the date of the Full Moon in Aries.  It looked like a huge bright bubble hanging on to its position in the heavens, didn’t it?  Well,  we’ll be graced with another opportunity to see this kind of Moon on the 14th of November, date of the next Full Moon in Scorpio.  Both are called Super Moons because they are 14 % more luminous than at other times throughout the year.


The aspects of the planets or the relationships among the planets 
at these times of the Full Moon are particularly strained and “tug-of-war”
like.  There is no yielding, no giving in, simply a stick-in-the-mud attitude.


Particularly during this time period between these two Super Moons let’s look at our own lives because maybe we reflect some of these conflictual planetary attitudes in our everyday lives.  Patch up your quarrels with Sally and try to listen to her side of the story.  Turn your tongue twice in your mouth because you answer the umpteenth call
from the insurance company.  Sit down attentively with Harry who needs help with his math problems.


This is more than simply “The Paper Moon, Sailing Over The Cardboard Sea“.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to change things between now and the 14th of November and, just like planets, reach for harmonious aspects.  I had a peek at the Super Moon chart and saw clearly that Venus will show us the way.   Let’s move forward with love in our hearts and kindness in our attitudes.


Sending blessings to you all,


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Barbel Besseyre

(919) 929-3046
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