New Moon in Scorpio & Trick or Treat


Greetings to all of you from Little Creek,

This New Moon in Scorpio falls at a time of withering, dying foliage along with fewer minutes of light during each day.  As though this isn’t enough, there is also the celebration of Halloween when children come to your door with scary costumes and threatening sounds that create an air of mystery and secrecy.

It’s as though these events invite you to follow Mother Earth’s example and, like she does with her leaves, do away with things that no longer suit us.   Do you hear the whispers of your soul during this New Moon time?  This is the ideal time to listen because the contact between the Sun (conscious) and the Moon (unconscious) is very, very close.

At this time it’s easier for us to hear that little voice within us nagging and nudging us to do away with the old and allow the new to come forth.  That soft but persistent voice invites us to chase our old ghosts away and get rid of old habits and outdated patterns of behaviour.

For example, just imagine releasing unpleasant thoughts about our childhood and replacing them with wonderful memories of laughter and fun.  It would be great to restore friendship with Johnny and Leslie so that we could move forward with mutual respect and understanding.  Let’s all choose the high road of integrity rather than wincing and making excuses of not having the skills to do it.

Mars, being the strong willed planet, has his say this time around and is ready to break up our stale energies.  We can handle that change and that transformation.  All we have to do is listen to that little voice and hunt for our treasures.

Trick or treat?  It’s up you to choose.
Bonne lunaison,
Barbel Besseyre

(919) 929-3046
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