New Moon in Taurus and your garden

Greetings from Little Creek,


What makes you feel secure and comfortable?
A deep connection to your partner in life?  A recent increase in cash flow?
A new morning meditation?

Those are questions we can ask ourselves at this time of the New Moon in Taurus. 
With this new lunar cycle in Taurus we especially receive an invitation to examine our values closely and to set our goals for the months to come.

So let’s focus on those values.
What qualities do we need to value most so that they be manifested in our lives?

Suppose we greatly appreciate a thriving garden. 
So we become gardeners.  But what do we need to do in order to make sure that our plants get sufficient care for the plants to thrive?  We must be fully committed toward tending the seeds, blooms, pruning, fertilizing and watering.  We must be reliable and we must show up in moments of intemperate weather, drought and flooding.  It is only then that our plants will flourish and grow in abundance.

And we need to do the same thing in our lives.  Let’s be wholly responsible and entirely engaged in taking care of our health, balancing our bank account, restructuring our grocery budget and loving those close to us. Our core values, our self-worth and comfort are in the foreground with the New Moon in Taurus.

Make this New Moon your loyal companion at this time of the month.  It’s supported by Venus, Jupiter and Pluto and what better company could guide you in your search for your true values.

Bises and Bees,
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Super Duper Retrograde!

Greetings from Little Creek,

Has your life slowed down for you? Have you noticed how complicated most tasks seem these days? Do parent-children crises come up more often these days?


What is going on the heavenly spheres? Well, the answer is simple. There are five planets retrograding at the same time at this very moment. This might not mean a whole lot to you but this “happening” takes place only once every ten years and it can have an effect on us lowly humans trying to mind our own business here on earth.

The effects of these planets retrograding might be considered negative but I think we should look at the positive side of this period. And so let’s look at the following retrograde planets from the sunny side of the street:

• Mercury R– rethink your projects, rewrite those scripts and revise your programs.                               Express yourself through music and painting
• Mars R– take care of your physical needs
• Jupiter R– move ahead with your projects and don’t procrastinate
• Saturn R– do away with feelings of doubts and questions about your self-worth
• Pluto R– allow that transforming energy to flow

Today, Jupiter retrograde is sitting on my natal Mercury – so prim and proper indicating to me that’s it’s time to move forward and sign off.

Don’t just take my word for it.
The Washington Post also has a lot to tell you on this special day!

Bises retro,
ps For the Jupiter-Saturn workshop on May 7, we’ll be meeting at the house on Little Creek. Let us know if you’re coming and we’ll reserve a place for you.

See you then.



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A fiery Moon, a fiery sign, and fiery days.


Greetings from Little Creek,

A fiery Moon, a fiery sign, and fiery days.
That’s what we’re all living out at this time.

So you’re all fired up and motivated to do what during this New Moon time?
To be more receptive to Sally who leaves you a ton of voicemails to which you never respond? To listen more attentively to Johnny who had a bad day at school?
To soften your “yells” and turn them into little songs?

Yes, yes Mars, the warrior planet, is firing us up and stimulating us in numerous ways.
But at this New Moon time why don’t we allow him to act on our emotions? Let’s sit with Johnny and listen to him with motherly concern and invite Sally to brunch at Southern Season.

Become aware of how your fire, your willpower, your eagerness and your boldness are revved up and see how you can modulate them. Become a bit less aggressive with those volunteers and continue to work on your last project which you had started haphazardly.

So focus on your emotions and melt away that inner resistance to changing them. Allow your enthusiasm to come forth and approach “touchy subjects” with the right frame of mind.

A Happy New Moon to all,

PS Don’t forget our workshop on May 7th at 2 pm.
Jupiter and Saturn will be waiting for you ………

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Be Still…









Greetings to all, especially to those Fishies at this time of the New Moon.

This New Moon in Pisces is finally in your sign and this is your time to speak up.  Never mind about being watery and diffuse, dancing and dreaming, having blurry boundaries and taking time to space out, you remind us that we have business to attend to.

This is the appropriate time to get up your spiritual antennas, sit still and listen to your inner voice.  It will speak to you in a quietly, soothing you and telling you to be present.  Allow time to pass and note how gently it will help you find mental clarity and finally guide you to fulfill your tasks.

Your “new” voice will lead you to new territory and to new experiences, so allow it to do just that and lead you to peace and happiness.

An extra note:  this is not only the New Moon but also the first part of the first pair of the Solar Eclipses of the year 2016.  It has difficult aspects from Jupiter residing in Virgo, which actually will push us to get things done- structured Virgo plans in harmony with Pisces wild dreams.  Good combo, don’t you think?

Also, planets galore in Pisces this month!  Six of them in all.  You certainly have your choice which one to bring to the foreground and work on during this New Moon period.

As Dr. Dyer concluded on his TV program last night:
      Row, row, row your boat
      Gently down the stream,
      Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
      Life is just a dream.

Happy New Moon, dear friends,
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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

What message is the New Moon in Aquarius
sending us for this new moon?


Aquarius is a sign that wants to alter our perceptions, dares us to try new things and paves the way for changes in the foundations that we laid with Capricorn.

Changes? Again? Yes, yes, yes!
The energy of Aquarius encourages us to innovate, to be original and unique, even to become your own guru. Make space for that inner voice, listen to it, trust it and move forward.

Why not order a different kind of coffee for your usual morning at Starbucks? At the Valentine’s party, why not turn around and introduce yourself to an unknown face? Why not join the Sunday morning bike ride with other bikers?

Always remember that you’re not alone on this new path. As a species, we’re in this together and by looking up to the skies above us, we can be sure that our road will be the right one.

So onwards, as we set our foot on the new path, the path, which Robert Frost writes about in :

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Bonne route, chers amis,

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New Moon for the New Year


Greetings from Little Creek,

Happy New Year and a Happy New Moon to all of you, my dear readers.

Our first New Moon is in the constellation of Capricorn, an earth sign.   Earth signs are grounded, tangible, concrete, rock steady and solid.  What a blessing for us to start the year off with this kind of energy.  And if that’s not enough, we have four planets lined up in this sign to help us along.

So what should we do with all this New Moon energy?  Work with your New Year’s resolutions.  To be more precise, we should create well grounded structures for them.  How do you plan to go about finding new work opportunities?  Are you ready to budget your time more efficiently?  When will you schedule your workout routine?  What about a new health regimen?

These goals shouldn’t be “here today and gone tomorrow” but rather these are goals which you should set for yourself and steps you can take to make your New Year’s resolutions real.  Just think, this can be life changing and if you so wish, check in again in six months and we’ll see where you are on your schedule.

Capricorn is associated with the mountain goat and climbing that mountain might be a challenge, but determination and ambition will allow you to forge ahead without looking back.  Your priority is to reach the summit where you can become who you wish to be.

It’s a long and heavy list this time around and I can even feel that energy in creating my write-up.  It might seem too long and too heavy and not a lot of fun but that is the energy of the moment.  It’ll be better when we meet again next month under the New Moon.

So I wish you the best and shall bid “adieu”.  

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New Moon in Sagittarius


Greetings from Little Creek,

The New Moon is simply a sliver in the Heavens at the beginning of its 14-day cycle  and it becomes full and round at the end of it. It’s particularly the change of its size that we should pay attention to during this cycle in Sagittarius. Now’s the time to shift our perspectives, expand our horizons and allow our lives to become more adventurous.

Why don’t you buy some helium-filled balloons, run away with them and then let them go?   How about walking through the aisles of the library at a leisurely pace and checking out a travel book for your next trip?

The gates are open and all you have to do is walk through them.   May you be guided by the archer associated with the sign of Sagittarius and aim for the stars.

New experiences, new aims and goals are awaiting you for the rest of this year and the following one.   Expand your consciousness and as Frank Sinatra sings: Fly me to the Moon.

Good luck on your new projects
and Happy Holidays to you,

Love and Light, Barbel

Happy Holidays.jpg

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